Art for Humanity, AFH, hosted by the Durban University of Technology’s Faculty of Art & Design, is a Not for Profit, Public Benefit Organisation which engages with multidisciplinary arts practice and a wide variety of creative practice within the context of the pressing need for the centring of social justice in our contemporary moment. Based primarily in Durban, the organisation aims to support, host, document, create space for, catalyse, and help stimulate this intersection between the arts and questions of history, social transformation and social justice. We do this through hosting public seminars, reading groups, residencies, exhibitions, workshops, public events, and the creation of resource spaces through a variety of documenting and archiving work. We also aim to support and create partnerships and relationships with local, national and global entities that are willing to partner on these issues and assist in creating rich and vibrant spaces, dialogue and discourse in contemporary arts and social justice issues broadly. Situated in the urban centre of the city of Durban, our aim is to work through the interstices of this unique and important urban space that is traversed daily by millions, in order to connect to national, global, continental and diasporic communities and dynamics, seeing the arts as an important space for the articulation of imaginaries, practices, archives, ethics and logics for thinking through the urgent questions of social and historical justice and legacies and afterlives of colonialism today.

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Staff: Ismail Farouk, Russel Hlongwane, Mary Anne McAlister

Board Of Trustees: Ms. Tasneem Seedat, Ms. Jo Vosey, Ms. Bulelwa Mbele


With special thanks to our sponsors:

The National Lotteries Commission

Durban University of Technology